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Home PC Services


We can advise and carry out updates to both software and hardware on your Home PC. Maybe your have an older system that needs newer versions of your existing software. Or your older machine needs some memory or harddisk upgrades.

Whatever your need we can provide what you need. We will advise you what your system can handle to ensure that you aren't sold something that is incompatible with your machine.


If your computer or printer is not functioning we can take a look at it for you, diagnose the issue and advise of what needs to be done to get you up and running again.

Home Networks

If you need advice about home networking give us a call. We can explain to you in plain english the in's, out's, pro's and con's of networking at home. We can advise and install wireless networking in your home.

Virus Infection

If you think you have been infected with a virus at home we can

advise how to go about virus removal. We can also supply and install the necessary software to minimise the risk of further infection in the future.

If you need any advice regarding your home computer installation contact us. We would be happy to advise you.