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Business Networking & Support


Almost no business can survive now without some form of computer or network. ADB Networks can specify scaleable solutions that will satisfy the demands of any business and it's growth requirements.

We can advise and provide pc's, networking infrastructure and cabling, servers, telephony and printing solutions for your business whilst keeping control of your all important budget to ensure that you get a tailored solution for your needs.

Support Services

Once you have a PC or network up and running there will be some inevitable support or maintenance requirements.

As a business you will need to ensure that you have adequate computer Virus defences in place (which are changing constantly). In the event of data loss or system malfunction you will need your data backed up regularly to protect your important information. Staff come and go in most businesses so the control of user security and services is essential.

ADB Networks can again provide a tailored solution for you support requirements. Contact us for advice on any of the services we have on offer.

Business Multimedia Installations

In the modern business environment our clients' expectations can often not be sufficiently demonstrated with just words alone. These clients want to see that your business can survive, understand and prosper in the new technology driven world.

These clients often require a demonstration of your business abilities through multimedia presentations. This may be as simple as a slide show shown through a large flat screen or projector. But often now they expect full audio visual presentations.

We can provide advice of the current technology available and specify anything from a single portable projector to the installation of a full Audio/Visual Suite hard installed into your offices. These solutions could also include CCTV or Camera installations, high powered theatre style audio and large scale projection.

Whatever the requirement please contact us to for any system advice you need.